About Us

Agribusiness Education and Research International is an education, consultancy, and research firm, journal publisher as well as a web portal, that mainly focuses on agribusiness education and research. Agribusiness sectors are extremely dynamic and innovative sectors that have to familiarize themselves with increasing global competition and natural resource scarcity. The major objective of this firm is to provide knowledge regarding Agribusiness, Agriculture, 4IR and Agriculture, Climate Smart Agriculture, Agricultural Economics, Value Chain, Supply  Chain, Market Information system, Sustainable agriculture, Agro Textile Engineering, Food Technology, Agro Research and Innovation, Agro International info, Agro News & Events, Consultancy. 

Agribusiness Education and Research International is one of the best international educational websites in the world in the Agribusiness sector. 

Agribusiness Education and Research International is one of the firms duly registered in the office of the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms (RJSC) under the Partnership Act, 1932.

It is duly registered in the office of the United Nations Global Marketplace (UNGM).

This firm also enlisted with partner directory of USAID

Agribusiness Education and Research International is also a seed dealer duly registered in the office seed wing of the Ministry of Agriculture.

Agribusiness and marketing related to national and international research are highly performed by a group of renowned research personnel.

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Our mission is to take a prominent role in promoting innovation research to enhance the productivity, sustainability, and competitiveness of agriculture, agribusiness, business, education, community, environment, and other sectors. In order to provide our clients with the highest degree of satisfaction, Agribusiness Education and Research International is committed to advancing education and research excellence through innovative processes and a cost-effective framework.


-Agribusiness Education and Research International usually operates through participation in research by encouraging customer feedback, assessment of commitments, and expanding outcomes

-We use innovative and realistic strategies and processes to motivate clients to prepare themselves for the future.

– Our team collaborates with customers to create a viable and resilient research sector.

– We work to promote a learning environment and the exploration of research knowledge.

– Our prime focus is on achieving an education and research platform by exchanging expertise, developing methodologies, advancing technology, and community involvement to enhance agribusiness, agriculture, industry, community, environment, and government.

Our values-

  • Innovative Research through fairness and accountability
  • High quality, demonstrated outputs based on customer demand
  • World-class learning and research training platform
  • Knowledge Exploration
  • Excellency in agribusiness, environment, and sustainable agriculture