Hydroponic Farming, Training and Research

Hydroponics is an environmentally sustainable agricultural technique. The product can be used in organic and hydroponic farms in yards and on rooftops. Hydroponically grown crops do not need pesticides or watering.  Hydroponic farming is a method to cultivate plants without soil. In a typical yard, plant roots have to search out nutrients in the soil. Nutrients are dissolved in the water surrounding the roots in hydroponic gardens, so plants have better access to the nutrients they need. Traditional farming uses about 80 percent of the soil and surface water compared to hydroponics, which uses just 10 percent of that under managed conditions. Water continues to flow throughout the system, allowing plants to consume the water required for active digestion, while excess water moves to the reservoir or storage tank for recycling. There is no leaching or noxious waste, and Water evaporation is small.

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