Volunteer Services

volunteer service

Agribusiness Education and Research International is an education, consultancy, and research firm, journal publisher as well as a web portal, mainly focuses on agribusiness education and research. Agribusiness sectors are extremely dynamic and innovative sectors that have to familiarize ourselves with increasing global competition and natural resource scarcity. The major objective of this firm is to provide knowledge regarding Agribusiness, Agriculture, Climate Smart Agriculture, Agricultural Economics, Value Chain, Supply  Chain, Market Information system, Sustainable agriculture, Agro Textile Engineering, Food Technology, Agro Research and Innovation, Agro International info, Agro News & Events, Consultancy.

This firm is also committed to provide some volunteer Services for the welfare of  students and researchers. 

List of Volunteer Services will be taken in near future:

  • Free career counseling session 
  • Cv and Cover letter writing workshop
  • Research methodology training  


Md. Masudul Hassan
CEO & Chairman of this Portal. Md. Masudul Hassan is an Assistant Professor and Coordinator of a Reputed University in Bangladesh. Member of Agrilinks is part of the U.S. Government's Feed the Future initiative. He Performed Numerous Research Regarding Agribusiness.