Alternative to Polythene Packaging – Golden Bag, Sonali made from Jute

Alternative to Polythene Packaging - Golden Bag, Sonali made from Jute
Alternative to Polythene Packaging - Golden Bag, Sonali made from Jute

Alternative to Polythene Packaging – Golden Bag, Sonali made from Jute


Golden Bag, Sonali is made by processing cellulose and composing it through other environmentally friendly products. Bangladesh scientist ‎‎Dr. Mubarak Ahmad Khan‎‎ is the inventor of the golden bag. From jute, he made polythene alternatives — golden bags. Which looks like polythene but is not actually polythene, it merges into the environment within a short span of time. ‎Dr. Mubarak Ahmed Khan has been researching jute since the 1990s. He served as director-general of the Bangladesh atomic energy research institute. He is currently serving as chief scientific advisor to Bangladesh Patkal Corporation (BJMC). Apart from jute polythene, he has also made a tin called Jute to Jute. ‎

Golden bag production process:

‎The golden bag is mainly produced from jute. In fact, it’s not right from jute, there’s a part of the jute, the main part of the jute is three — one is cellulose which is 70 percent on average, more or less, hemicellulose contains 20 percent, and lignin contains 10 percent. These three are the main ingredients. Then there are other small things — micro ash and other products. But cellulose and hemicellulose were taken from here to do it. That means about 90 percent of the stuff from the jute. And when it was made gold bags, will be collected the 10 percent that’s available — lignin, which is an important biopolymer — as a byproduct. Then it can be thought that the price of the golden bag will also be adjustable with it. ‎

‎Now it can be converted that cellulose as water-soluble cellulose. After converting it as water-soluble cellulose, here’s another binder with that salon —this binder is also natural, another polymer that comes from nature — then says cross-linker with it; Additives, or color, are all — it can mix together. Mix it and give it to the reaction tank. In that reaction tank, it has to minimize temperature, pressure, and time to complete the reaction. When this reaction is complete, it dries the salon a little, i.e., cool it down a little and bring it to normal room temperature. Then it was given to the dryer machine. If it is put on the dryer machine — it’s like a conveyor belt — the film is coming out of here and there. This simple process, this simple process, but the golden bag is being made.‎

‎It is said that the golden bag is biodegradable; environment friendly, at the same time, the preparation process is also environment friendly. It’s a closed-loop system. It won’t harm any environment. It can be recycling everything. This is the simple process of the golden bag.‎ Alternative to Polythene Packaging – Golden Bag, Sonali made from Jute, it was a great invention in the 21st century. 

‎ Biodegradable and Environment friendly:

“This golden bag or golden sheet is characterized by time dependable biodegradable. We can do the way the customer wishes — that I put it in instant water, and if the customer thinks it will satin in water for 6 hours, and if anyone thinks I’ll keep it in the water for 6 months — we can do that too. It’s a basic of it. And so is it. The same is true of soil-underground soil edifices. This is immediate — immediate lying that we can create the first one that is very degradable in 6 to 15 days. Then I can make it three months, six months”- says the scientist- Dr. Mubarak Ahmed Khan.

Stress taking Capacity:

‎It can take 1.5 times or 1.6 times more stress on average than polythene in taking stress. That means if it can take 10 kg in a normal polythene bag, Sonali Bag can take 16 kg of it.‎

Liquid or wet items be purchased from the market with Sonali bag:

‎Milk can be bringing in shopping bags but no one brings milk. Since it reacts (golden bag) with water, does not react with oil. So there is no difficulty in bringing oil. It is already filled the oil. If anyone brings milk in water for 5-6 hours, it has no problem. ‎

How anyone can be from the national and International arena can purchase the Sonali bag, an Alternative to polythene packaging?

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