Call for Volunteers: Agribusiness Education and Research International

Call for Volunteers: Agribusiness Education and Research International
Call for Volunteers: Agribusiness Education and Research International

Call for Volunteers: Agribusiness Education and Research International

Agribusiness Education and Research International is an education, consultancy, and research firm, journal publisher as well as a web portal, mainly focuses on agribusiness education and research. Agribusiness sectors are extremely dynamic and innovative sectors that have to familiarize ourselves with increasing global competition and natural resource scarcity. The major objective of this firm is to provide knowledge regarding Agribusiness, Agriculture, Climate Smart Agriculture, Agricultural Economics, Value Chain, Supply  Chain, Market Information system, Sustainable agriculture, Agro Textile Engineering, Food Technology, Agro Research and Innovation, Agro International info, Agro News & Events, Consultancy.

Agribusiness and marketing related to national and international research are highly performed by a group of renowned research personnel.

This firm is also committed to providing some volunteer Services for the welfare of students and researchers. 

Agribusiness Education and Research International are currently seeking volunteer around the world. 


  • Special discount to publish Research article on International Journal of Multidisciplinary Informative Research and Review (IJMIRR) is a fully peer-reviewed online and open-access journal and is published on a monthly basis by Agribusiness Education and Research International.
  • Special discount to publish Research-related training and courses
  • All volunteers will get a certificate for performing a volunteer certificate.
  • The volunteer will get preference to be a team member for research work carried out by the firm.

Duties and responsibilities of Volunteers:

  • To assist in organizing seminars, workshops, academic Symposiums,s and other meetings as necessary. 
  • Help to organize International Student Case Competition.
  • Help to create and organizing international conferences.
  • To assist in organizing research training virtually. 
  • Help to provide unique ideas to promote agribusiness education and research worldwide.
  • To share agribusiness education and research website blog post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. for digital branding of this organization.
  • To provide agribusiness-related academic and industry shareable information of your native country to make collaboration with them in the field of research and education.
  • To assist e international agribusiness, business and agriculture platform globally.
  • To assist in promoting agribusiness education and research to the next generation for the betterment of society.


The minimum requirements to serve as an international Volunteer are:

  • Above 20 years old and older (no upper age limit)
  • An undergraduate/graduate student of the university or diploma degree holder
  • Strong computer knowledge along with social media connectivity
  • Engagement in the principles and values of volunteerism
  • Strong interpersonal and operational credentials
  • In a developing country, previous volunteering and/or job experience

Eligible Regions: Open for all over the world. 

Interested person are requested to send their CV via, or

Extended Deadline: 10 April 2021



Md. Masudul Hassan
CEO & Editor in Chief of this Portal. Md. Masudul Hassan is an Assistant Professor and Coordinator of a Reputed University in Bangladesh. Professional member of International Food and Agribusiness Management Association ( IFAMA ) Performed Numerous Research Regarding Agribusiness. Professional Member of He is also a Reviewer of Numerous International journals Including Elsevier.