Introduce yourself – A Basic Question for Interview

Introduce yourself - A Basic Question for Interview
Introduce yourself - A Basic Question for Interview

Introduce yourself – A Basic Question for Interview; asked by Interview Board. An interview can be defined as a method of acquiring and receiving information from an employer and an applicant in a face-to-face meeting with the goal of making a final selection choice. In most cases, the interview is conducted by

  • One person or
  • A group of people.
  • A group of people seated together

Introduce yourself -A Basic Question for Interview

Potential Candidate: Good morning sir.

Interviewer: Good morning. Please have a seat. (I take a seat) So, Mr. Islam, tell me something about yourself.

Potential Candidate: It’s my pleasure to introduce myself in front of you. 

Potential Candidate: I am Mohammad Islam. I am from Dhaka.

I’ve successfully completed my graduation in BBA in Agribusiness from Dhaka Agricultural University obtaining a CGPA of 3.95 (1st place). Prior to that, I passed my school life from Dhaka school & college carrying CGPA 5.00 & college life from Dhaka Govt. College carrying CGPA 5.00.

There are four members in my family. My father is a Teacher & mother is a homemaker. I have a brother. I’m the first son of my father. My younger brother is still studying at Uttara College.

Talking about my strengths and skills, I’m good at communication skills which enables me to convince people in my favor through logical argument and critical discussion. I am innovative, hardworking and a quick learner. I can work under pressure. I’m computer literate. I participated in extracurricular activities on a regular basis.

I also have a desire to do research. I have also eight research papers published in International journals .

Besides my study, I am also a President of Dhaka Agricultural University Computer Club which is a volunteer club that provides additional computer knowledge exceptional from academic topics to the students of the university and also arranged a number of workshops and seminars regarding higher study.

I believe in working ethics. To the organization where I work, I uphold moral and social ideals. But I have a weakness as well. Despite having decent communication skills, I occasionally have difficulty maintaining appropriate contact with my friends and relatives because I become so involved in a certain task that I forget about the rest of the world.

My hobbies are watching movies, listening to songs, playing cricket.

My ultimate goal is to pursue a career in an organization or in academia. With the appropriate studies I believe that I predict myself as a very successful employee- and customer-oriented manager in an organization, or a faculty member at some leading university in near future.

Suggestions for Conducting a Successful Interview:

  • Prior experience
  • Stereotype
  • Favored candidates
  • Organize an interview
  •  Information
  • Information that is unfavorable
  • Suitability of the applicant
  • Structured
  • Interview’s content

Following these guidelines will help anyone become a more effective interviewer:

  1. Fill out the following post-interview evaluation form
  2. Wrap up the interview
  3. Make your inquiries
  4. Make the applicant feel comfortable
  5. Examine the application form and/or resume of the candidates
  6. Arrange the interview in such a way that it follows a predetermined format
  7. Gather as much information as possible regarding the job for which candidates are being interviewed


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