List of books for BCS Preliminary Examination

List of books for BCS Preliminary Examination:


  1. Asking Bengali language and literature

(Soumitra Shekhar).

  1. Bangla 2nd board book

(9th-10th class).

  1. Lal nil Dipaboli-

Humayun Azad.


  1. English Grammar-P.C Das.
  2. An Easy Approach of English Literature- Aman & Shipon.
  3. Oracle Preliminary English.
  4. Word Smart.

Bangladesh and World Introduction:

  1. Today’s world / new world.
  2. Bangladesh and World Introduction (9th-10th class).
  3. Constitution, Constitutional Law and Politics (Md. Abdul Halim).
  4. Economic survey.
  5. Bangladesh and world map.


  1. General Science (8th, 9th-10th class).
  2. Professors Science MCQ Review.


  1. General Mathematics Books (8th, 9th-10th class).
  2. Oracle Preliminary Mathematics.

Computers and IT:

  1. Information and Technology Books (9th-10th class).
  2. Higher Secondary Computer 1st and 2nd letter.
  3. Radical computer guide.

Geography, Climate and Control of Disasters:

  1. Climate and Emergency Management Guide, George Geography.
  2. Book on Secondary Geography & Environmental Science (9th-10th).

Ethics and Values ​​and Good Governance:

  1. George Ethics, Guide on Principles and Good Governance.
  2. 1st and 2nd letter of higher secondary politics.

The Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS) preliminary exam is a competitive exam conducted by the Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BPSC) to recruit candidates for various positions in the Bangladesh government. It is a crucial first step in the selection process for aspiring civil servants in Bangladesh.

Exam Format

The BCS preliminary exam is a multiple-choice question (MCQ) based test with a total of 200 marks. The exam is two hours long and covers the following subjects:

  • Bengali (35 marks)
  • English (35 marks)
  • General Knowledge and Bangladesh Affairs (65 marks)
  • General Science (15 marks)
  • Computer Science (15 marks)
  • Mental Ability (15 marks)
  • Arithmetic (15 marks)
  • Ethics and Good Governance (10 marks)


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