World Food and Agribusiness Schools & Programs for Agribusiness Students

World Food and Agribusiness Schools & Programs for Agribusiness Students
World Food and Agribusiness Schools & Programs for Agribusiness Students

World Food and Agribusiness Schools & Programs for Agribusiness Students

Alabama A&M University  Undergrad, Graduate Agribusiness Degree Programs
The Agribusiness Management major is designed for students who wish to pursue agricultural business and related careers with business and government. It reflects broad-based course offerings to meet the needs of employers. 

Alcorn State University – Undergrad Agricultural Courses, Ag Extension Program
Agribusiness Management at Alcorn State University encompasses the study of agriculture and business concepts necessary for a successful career in the agribusiness sector and with government agencies. 

Arizona State University – Undergrad, Graduate Agribusiness Degree Programs
Morrison School of Management and Agribusiness and the W.P. Carey School of Business provide academic programs that combine business and technology.

Auburn University – Undergrad, Graduate, Extension, and International Ag Programs
To cope with the diversity and complexity of today’s agriculture, young men and women need strong backgrounds in the business and economic concepts that relate to agriculture, agribusiness, and the management of natural resources.

California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo – Undergrad, Graduate Agribusiness Degree Programs

California State Polytechnic University – Pomona- Food Marketing and Agribusiness Management Program
The Master of Science Degree in Agriculture, Agricultural Sciences option provides students the opportunity to enhance knowledge and competence in a selected area of specialization as well as encourages individual study and r …

California State University – Fresno  – Agriculture Degree and Outreach Programs
The Department of Agricultural Economics (founded in 1970) offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Business (since 1971-1972), which combines economic analysis with business applications focused on agriculture.

Collaborative Masters Program in Agricultural and Applied Economics in Eastern, Central and Southern Africa (CMAAE) – Program Initiative of the African Agricultural Economics Education Network (AAEEN)
Advance agricultural economics as a core disciplinary course at the postgraduate level (MSc) in Eastern and Southern Africa. Program Objectives: To produce graduates who are conversant with the myriad problems facing agriculture.

Colorado State University – Undergraduate and Graduate Agribusiness Programs
Agricultural Business and Marketing Economics: This area consists of courses in agricultural commodity price analysis, agricultural business management, and agricultural marketing. 

Cornell University – Food Industry Management Program
The Food Industry Management Program (FIMP) is widely recognized as the premier food education and research program in the United States. It offers Cornell University degrees at the bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. levels. 

ESSEC Business School – Paris  MBA Agri-Food Track
This English-taught program is part of the ESSEC-MBA program. The Agri-Food Track is an academic program that offers three courses on agri-food issues (Commodity Markets and Futures Markets, B-to-B Agri-food Marketing).

ESSEC Business School – Paris – Master’s program in International Food Industry Management (M.S. MIA)
This one-year intensive specialized Master’s program trains managers for the agri-food industry, mainly for international companies, with an international scope and ready for a cross-functional approach. 

Essan Graduate School of Business – Master’s degree in Agribusiness Administration. Modern administration and business management tools for agribusiness and related sectors. The master’s degree is directly transferable to senior management and other specialized positions.

Illinois State University – Academic Agriculture Programs

Indian Institute of Management Lucknow, India – Post Graduate Programme in Agribusiness Management
The two-year Post-Graduate Program in Agribusiness Management is a full–time residential course designed with the specific objective of developing agribusiness leaders, entrepreneurs, and intrapreneurs with a vision, competence.

Instituto Internacional San Telmo – Agribusiness Research and Executive Training
Programs range from long-term specialized seminars in each of the links in the food chain, with developed material (tailored to the business), specialized sessions in continuity, institute, alumni, and business meetings. 

Iowa State University – MBA – Agricultural Economics Program
The College of Business offers an MBA with Graduate Minors in Agricultural Economics. Students receive a strong base of knowledge in the functional areas of business and gain in-depth exposure to modern business practices.

Kansas State University – Agribusiness Distance Education Program
Developed in consultation with industry leaders, this innovative internet-based program allows you, an agribusiness professional, to continue your career while pursuing an advanced degree. 

Louisana State University – Graduate Programs; Undergrad, Agricultural Business Degree Program
Master’s Degree in Agricultural Economics: Students pursuing the Master of Science degree complete a core of courses in economic theory, quantitative methods, and a specialized applications course. M.S. students. 

Massey University – Food and Agribusiness Management Programs – AgriCommerce
As the primary industry in New Zealand, agribusiness has a key role in the national economy. With a small population, New Zealand agribusiness looks to the global market. 

Michigan State University – Undergrad, Agribusiness, Food Industry Management
The Food Industry Management specialization, offered by the Department of Agricultural Economics and the Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management, combines broad training in business. 

Mississippi State University – Master of Agribusiness Management Program
The Master’s of Agribusiness Management is an interdisciplinary degree sponsored by the Colleges of Agriculture and Life Sciences and Business and Industry and administered by the Agribusiness Institute. 

Montana State University – Undergrad and Graduate Agribusiness Programs
The MSU agribusiness management curriculum has established an excellent reputation with employers and is specifically designed for management training with an emphasis on finance, accounting, and managerial economics in agriculture.

New Mexico State University – Master of Business, Agribusiness Specialization Program
Master of Business Administration program specializing in Agribusiness (MBA-AB) is a very attractive graduate education alternative for individuals completing or holding undergraduate degrees in agricultural economics, agriculture. 

Newcastle University – Undergrad, Graduate Agribusiness Degree Programs
Your first two years introduce you to key areas in business and management. You cover economics; marketing and marketing environments; financial management; business law; current issues in agri-business and food supply chain …

North Carolina A&T State University – Agribusiness program
The Department of Agribusiness, Applied Economics and Agriscience Education provides opportunities for individuals from diverse backgrounds to achieve excellence, through intellectual and technological advancements, in agriculture. 

North Carolina State University – Agricultural Business Management
The Agricultural Business Management program combines core courses in agricultural business and economics with courses in science and agricultural technology. 

North Dakota State University – Undergrad, Graduate Agribusiness Degree Programs
An Agribusiness degree instills decision-making and analytical skills but offers students interested in food and agriculture the opportunity to strengthen their understanding of business management, marketing, or finance. 

Northwest Missouri State University – Agriculture Degree Program
The Department of Agriculture at Northwest Missouri State University supports and enhances the mission of the University. There are currently eight majors, five minors, and a two-year farm operations certificate. 

Ohio State University – Undergraduate Programs in Agribusiness and Applied Economics
The Agribusiness minor provides: (1) an understanding of business concepts important for effective agribusiness decision-making, and (2) an understanding of the role of economic constraints in the efficient operation. 

Oklahoma State University – Undergrad Agribusiness Degree, and International Programs
The agribusiness specialization is designed to ensure the development of analytical skills and the capacity to cope with a broad expanse of agribusiness-oriented problems and decision situations. 

Olds College – Food and Agribusiness Program
Olds College, in Olds, Alberta, Canada, provides career and job training at the diploma and degree level in agriculture and business. The two-year Agricultural Business Diploma Program develops a basic and advanced businessman.

Oregon State University – Agricultural Research and Development: Food Innovation Center (FIC)
The mission of the Food Innovation Center (FIC) Experiment Station is to provide science-based research and educational information to agricultural producers and food processors who seek to develop value-added products. 

Pennsylvania State University – Undergrad and Graduate Agribusiness Management Program
The AgriBusiness Management Program at Penn State is an innovative program that offers students an exciting opportunity in business. Agribusiness firms in Pennsylvania alone include the Fortune 500 companies. 

Purdue University – MS-MBA in Food, Agribusiness Management
The MS-MBA in Food and Agribusiness Management is a dual-degree program offered jointly by Purdue University and Indiana University. 

Rutgers University – Graduate program in Food & Business Economics
Food & Business Economics is a diverse, exciting, and dynamic discipline. The field applies economic theory and quantitative methods to address problems pertaining to the production and distribution of agriculture.

Santa Clara University – Food and Agribusiness Program
The Food and Agribusiness Institute offers educational training through the MBA degree and executive training program to prepare students for management positions in the food and agricultural industries. 

South Dakota State University – AgEconomics Undergraduate Programs
The Department of Economics offers majors leading to a Bachelor of Science in either Agricultural Business or Agricultural Economics from the College of Agriculture and Biological Sciences. 

Southern Illinois University – Undergrad, Graduate Agribusiness Economics Programs
The Department of Agribusiness Economics offers graduate courses dealing with the economic and business aspects of managing farms, agribusiness firms, and organizations providing services to agribusiness. 

Texas A&M University – Master of Agribusiness Program
The MAB is a professional program that is uniquely focused on the food and agribusiness sector with an emphasis on combining economic and business analysis, and incorporating quantitative methods as the basis for decision-mak …

Texas Tech University – Master of Agribusiness, Undergrad, and Graduate Programs
The MAB program in Agricultural Business Management is designed to provide graduate professional training without a research orientation. 

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem – Master of Science – Agriculture Economics and Management
The aim of the course is to train participants in the subject of food management with special emphasis being placed on its implementation in the food industry. 

The Royal Agricultural University  – International Food and Agribusiness Programs
The increasing globalization of the food industry has highlighted the need for managers who have experience with the social, cultural, production, and consumption conditions in the major markets of the world. 

The University of Melbourne  – Master of Agribusiness Program
The Institute of Land and Food Resources, the University of Melbourne offers Australia’s first online coursework Master of Agribusiness. The online delivery offers students the opportunity to study by distance. 

Universidad de Buenos Aires – Agribusiness and Food Program
The Agribusiness and Food Program of the University of Buenos Aires is a pioneering educational program orientated specifically to the agri-food system. It is dedicated to teaching, research, consultancy.

Universidad de La Salle  – Master of Agribusiness and Agricultural Business Administration
The Universidad de La Salle, Colombia, Bogotá D.C, and its Master of Agribusiness, the agribusinesses are developed from a holistic and sustainable perspective, involving connections among productive, transformative, and market systems. 

Universidad del CEMA – Master of Agribusiness Program
Our Master in Agribusiness is designed for those individuals interested in the international, financial, and business aspects of the agribusiness sector, who work or wish to work in an activity with strong growth potential.

Universidad ORT  Programas de MBA Agronegocios
This program is for recent university graduates with business experience who want to consolidate their training in management for professional or business development in the area of agribusiness. 

University of Alberta  Master of Agriculture/ MBA
Develop your leadership potential in the growing and changing world markets for agrology, agribusiness, and food industries. Our MBA/MAg (Master of Agriculture) combined degree is designed for individuals interested in pursuing an advanced degree in agriculture with a strong management focus.

University of Arkansas – Undergrad, Graduate Agribusiness Degree Programs
Advanced study in Agricultural Economics and Agricultural Business provides students with state of the art knowledge of theory, methods, and application in the field. The student becomes better prepared for positions in the dynamic environment of contemporary agribusiness and production agriculture. …

University of British Columbia  Undergrad, Graduate Land, and Food Degree Programs
In a world where problems are increasingly interconnected, our programs help you make a difference. We provide students with a groundbreaking, active education that empowers them to critically consider and address issues vital …

University of California – Berkeley – Undergrad, Graduate Agribusiness Degree Programs
The focus is on teaching, research, and extension in the areas of agricultural and resource economics and policy. Undergraduate degrees are given in Environmental Economics and Policy; graduate degrees in Agricultural Resource Economics. 

University of Connecticut – Undergrad, Graduate Agribusiness Degree Programs
The Agriculture Business Management minor offers students high-quality instruction through small class settings and personalized advising. In addition to excellent career opportunities and employment in the aquaculture industry.

University of Delaware  Undergrad, Graduate Agribusiness Degree Programs
Blending basics like marketing, management, leadership, finance, and accounting with specialties related to the trillion-dollar food and fiber industry, the Food and Agribusiness Management (FABM) major is an exciting alternative.

University of Florida – Graduate Agricultural Programs
The College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS) administers the degree programs of the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS). IFAS is a federal, state, and local government partner …

University of Georgia – Undergrad, Graduate Agriculture Programs
Graduate study in Agricultural and Applied Economics leading to a Master of Science in Agricultural Economics or Environmental Economics and Doctor of Philosophy degrees provides a wide range of educational opportunities.

University of Guelph – Undergrad, Graduate, Associate Agribusiness Programs
The MBA in Food and Agribusiness Management is offered globally by the University of Guelph and is a specialized program for individuals wishing to pursue and develop opportunities and improved management skills in agriculture.

University of Idaho – Undergrad, Graduate Agribusiness Degree Programs
A Master of Science degree in Applied Economics will prepare you to use economic and business concepts along with analytical tools to solve problems — problems like those faced by agricultural marketing companies. 

University of Illinois  Food and Agribusiness Management Program
The Food and Agribusiness Management Program is a multifaceted effort of the Department of Agricultural and Consumer Economics, the Department of Business Administration, the College of Agricultural, Consumer, and Environmental.

University of Manitoba – Undergrad, Graduate Agribusiness Degree Programs
The Department of Agribusiness and Agricultural Economics offers graduate instruction leading to M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees. The Ph.D. program now is offered jointly with the Economics Department. 

University of Minnesota – Food Industry Research Team – The Food Industry Center
The Food Industry Center is a community of scholars that develops and disseminates knowledge and analysis about how food reaches consumers. The Center focuses on how food retailers (grocers, restaurants, and take-out) serve. 

University of Missouri – Agribusiness Management Academic Programs
A Ph.D. or M.S. degree in agricultural economics prepares you for a rewarding career in academia, agricultural business, government, or international agriculture. 

University of Nebraska – Lincoln – Undergrad, Graduate Agribusiness Degree Programs
The MBA program in Agribusiness is unique in that it offers the option to students of both full-time and part-time classes. The program also combines the resources and graduate faculty from both the College of Business. 

University of New England – Australia – Bachelor of Agribusiness, Bachelor of Agricultural & Resource Economic Programs
UNE’s Agribusiness degree provides a solid grounding in agricultural knowledge, applied business skills, and practical work experience that ensures a multi-dimensional understanding of agribusiness and job readiness.

University of Queensland – Australia – Undergrad, Graduate, Postgrad Agribusiness Programs

University of Reading  Undergrad, Postgraduate Degree Programs
The food industry is one of the most fundamental, dynamic, and innovative sectors of the global economy with excellent career potential. Our degree in Food Marketing and Business Economics. 

University of Saskatchewan – Saskatoon – Agriculture Program
The Diploma in Agriculture program offers a more practically oriented education in applied agricultural science. Agriculture today is a dynamic and changing industry. The modern producer requires a variety of knowledge.


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