Oil crop Sau Perila

Oil crop Sau Perila
Oil crop Sau Perila


Oil crop Sau Perila. Commercial large-scale cultivation of the new adapted oil crop ‘Sau Perila-1’ is going to commence from next year. The oil, which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, is said to be able to reduce the country’s oil deficit as well as contribute significantly to the country’s economy. A number of non-governmental organizations have already shown interest in cultivating Sau Perila-1 commercially due to high commercial demand.

Professor of Agronomy at Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University Dr. HMM Tariq Hossain began research in the country on the variety gathered from South Korea in 2008. We will be able to extract from the crop oil rich in linolenic acid, “We will be able to extract an oil rich in linolenic acid from the crop,” Which is more advantageous and also has a higher selling price than ordinary oil. The farmer himself will grow the seeds, save them, and later plant them. Also, you can naturally extract oil. More would help the farmers. The farmers will benefit more.

He further said that in a meeting for the expansion of agriculture, Vice-Chancellor Prof. Shahidur Rashid Bhuiyan, Treasurer Professor Dr. Md. Nazrul Islam In the presence of, Agriculture Organizer Rezaul Karim Siddique, the seeds of Sau Perila-1 have been distributed to Lal Tir, the country’s largest oil producer. About 48.21 lakh metric tonnes of edible oil is imported every year to meet the demand of 51.28 lakh metric tonnes of edible oil in the country. Scientists believe that the cultivation of new edible oil crops will bring about unimaginable changes in the country’s economy. Beneficial for the body, this oil does not contain any harmful uric acid. Moreover, oil can be extracted in the domestic method. They are of the opinion that the predominance of the oil produced in the country will be higher than the various high priced oils imported from Hawaii in terms of quality.

The director of Aqaba Nursery in Kushtia district, Dr. Ruhul Amin told Sarabangla, “There is no need to use any pesticide in the cultivation of Sau Perila-1 in a completely organic way.” Although 8000 saplings can be cultivated per bigha, in half of it I have got about 200 kg of seeds. The cost of production is the same as all other oilseeds, but there is no cost of pesticides because of the disease.

PhD Fellow Mohammad Abdul Qayyum Majumdar has been a professor since 2016. HMM is conducting research on Sau Perila-1 under Tariq Hossain. Describing Sau Perila as a new prospect for new agri-entrepreneurs, he told Sarabangla, ‘Edible oil crops are usually cultivated during the Rabi season. But due to less competition in the cultivation of Sau Perila Kharif-2, it will be relatively advantageous to meet the demand for edible oil products. Recently red arrow seeds have been distributed. The Akij Group has also expressed interest in this. The Department of Agricultural Extension is providing maximum cooperation. We hope that the commercial cultivation of Sau Perila-1 will start soon in the country. ‘

Since more than 25% of the seeds are non-vegetarian, the oil obtained from the oil can be used as an organic fertilizer along with nutritious food for cattle. A maximum of 1.5 tons of seed per hectare can be collected from this 60-65 day crop. Scientists hope that just as oil imports from commercial farming will decrease, so does SAU Perilla-1, which could bring about a radical change in the country’s economy.

It may be mentioned that on January 12 this year, the crop was named as Sau Perila-1 (Golden Perilla BD) variety and released from the National Seed Board of the Ministry of Agriculture.

Reference: https://sarabangla.net/

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