Oxygen Yard – A renowned Nurseries & Gardening Store

Oxygen Yard – A renowned Nurseries & Gardening Store
Oxygen Yard – A renowned Nurseries & Gardening Store

Oxygen Yard – A renowned Nurseries & Gardening Store

Oxygen Yard –  mission : 

Our prime focus is on providing plants, equipment & essential service for rooftop gardening, Hydroponic & Aquaponics gardening in urban areas by a highly performed group of renowned Agriculture personnel under the direct supervision of Agribusiness Education and Research International. Oxygen Yard – A renowned Nurseries & Gardening Store is a reliable source for rooftop gardening. 

Rooftop gardens contribute to the mental health of gardeners as well as the improvement of the physical environment. The production of fresh fruits and vegetables in a rooftop garden can improve the nutritional status of urban inhabitants’ family members while also benefiting the environment.

Rooftop gardening, in particular, helps to the introduction of a healthy environment and food security. It will boost the supply of clean food and improve the quality of perishable food available to local residents.

Rooftop gardens are artificially created green spaces on the upper levels of industrial, commercial, and residential buildings. They could also be used to grow vegetables, give play space, provide color and shelter, or simply serve as a living, green space.

Garden types are divided into two categories: extensive and intensive. Gardening is a low-maintenance option that can also be used as a roofing material. They’re no longer designed for heavy-footed site visitors, and they don’t want to fulfill any further safety requirements. Intensive gardens, on the other hand, are developed with the intention of active human use. These gardens necessitate landscaping and routine maintenance. To meet the combined weight of soil, plants, and precipitation, the roof design may need to be strengthened with decking or additional reinforcement. In addition, intensive gardens may be required to follow protection requirements for decks and public spaces on raised structures. These laws may also demand the installation of some type of fencing or barrier to prevent people from slipping over the roofline.

Rooftop gardening has become popular among city dwellers with the goal of bringing mental satisfaction, securing a source of nutrition, and contributing to the family’s overall health.

People, especially in cities, are eager for fresh and secure food, as are gardeners and nursery operators. They plant vegetables and fruits to protect themselves against polluted and adulterated food. Rooftop gardening is becoming more popular as people become more aware of organic farming and the need for more oxygen, but the number of rooftop gardens is still small in comparison to their potential.

Tomatoes, brinjal, Indian spinach, okra, chile, gourd, red amaranth, beans, cabbage, and cauliflower are frequent vegetables produced in rooftop gardens, while mango, guava, dragon fruit pomegranate, hog-plum, jujubee, papaya, wax apple, malta, sapota, lemon, and orange are common fruit crops.


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