Preparation of Flower Garden on the Roof of the House

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Flower Garden on the Roof of the House (preparation, care and do's and don'ts)


Flower Garden on the Roof of the House (preparation, care and do’s and don’ts)

Due to the lack of space in urban life, many people are planting different types of flower gardens on the roof of their houses. The flower not only fascinates with its form but also gives us indescribable peace of mind. Those who have a latent desire in the corner of their mind to have their own flower garden, they can make their own small piece of the garden on the roof of the house. People can spend your leisure time happily in their own garden. If anyone wants to make a flower garden on the roof, need special care. If anyone takes proper care of the flowering plants, the small garden will be filled with various flower ceremonies. Let’s get acquainted (gain, obtain) with present-day techniques that came from Rose Flower Gardening.

Place selection

It needs to choose a sunny place to keep flowering plants. It can be a roof or your favorite balcony. A little care should be taken that it is not too sunny and that it should be sunny in the morning because it is very important for flowering plants.

Tub selection

Larger tubs will not be required for flowering plants. For flowering plants, 6-16 inch or medium size tubs should be taken. Small or large tubs will depend on the size of the flower tree. Usually, 10-12 inch tubs are enough for seasonal flowering plants. But the larger space, the more the trees can expand and the tub must have a drainage system. Read the rules, principles, and preparation for planting trees in tubs.

Prepare the soil for flowering plants

The best soil is loamy soil. Flower or fruit trees are best in loamy soils. Compost manure or rotten dung manure should be applied to the soil before planting, especially at the top of the tub 2-3 cm. The soil must be loosened. It is best if the soil can be purchased from the nursery.

Flower seedlings

The most important thing to plant is to pick the seedlings. It needs to collect from nurseries or flower sellers. No matter which anyone collects the tree, make sure that the seedling is healthy and strong. And if anyone has last year’s beech, can also collect seedlings by weaving beech. Then it must be sown 2 months before the start of the season. However, some tree seeds cannot be sown. For example, saplings are made from the roots of the chrysanthemum tree. When it rains, the saplings are made by cutting the branches of marigold and burying them in the ground.

Care of flowering plants: Water or irrigation

The tree should be watered regularly every day. Those who want to water twice a day, make sure that water does not freeze at the base of the tree. And one day a week you have to spray water on the leaves of the tree. The base of the tree should be watered in such a way that the soil at the base is not washed away. So if possible, give water through a sieve. The soil should be wet constantly. If the tree is tilted, it must tie a strong branch or stick to the tree.

Care of flowering plants: Fertilizer

Fertilize the tree very carefully because the tree can die if it is a little side to side. It must be kept in mind that it needs fertilizing inside a tub and the space is very small. So, one handful of fertilizer is enough for one tub. Fertilizer should never be given at the base of the tree. Fertilizer should be given 4-5 cm away from the base of the tree. And the manure should be mixed manure or better if dung manure can be given. But the dung manure should be dried and ground and mixed with the soil. If one wants, one can make organic fertilizer by roasting vegetable gram, which is also very good for the plant. When the tree is mature or 2-3 weeks before flowering, fertilizer should be given.

Flowering time

It must have to decide first whether it needs big flowers or many flowers. If we want more flowers then we have to start pruning the tops of the trees little by little from 20-25 cm. And if we want big flowers, we have to cut some buds after the buds come on the tree.

Protection from insects and spiders

Infected leaves, flowers, or twigs should be cut off if any insects infest the plant. And the whole tree should be sprayed with soapy water. Then we can get rid of a lot of insects and spiders. So, from today, start a small garden in your home.

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